The Sandhills Track Club

SANDHILLS TRACK CLUB - (Established 1972)


Not everyone can be an outstanding performer in sporting events. Athletic participation offers benefits to every participant regardless of his or her level of skill or native ability. For every age level of physical conditioning, there is an activity that can provide a worthwhile challenge to the athlete and improve physical, mental, and emotional health. We believe that Track & Field is the sport that best serves this purpose.


1. To build confidence, 2. To keep bodies and minds healthy and vigorous, 3. To help children learn to accept successes and set-backs gracefully, 4. To provide safe and wholesome activities, 5. To encourage participation by all, regardless of race, creed or economic status, 6. To teach the discipline that is necessary to be successful in life, 7. To provide competition and positive experiences, 8. To recognize and appreciate outstanding performances by yourself, teammates and competitors.


Membership Requirements

 1.    STC Membership Application ( Click here: REGISTRATION FORMS)

        a.    Code of Conduct form signed

 2.    A copy of your child (childrens) Birth Certificate. *(a copy must be sent to the N.C. USATF Membership Chairman for verification, in order to compete)

 3.    STC Membership Fee  $25.00

 4.    USATF N C  IndividualMembership ($20.00)                                                  After you register on-line a copy of the birth certificate with the membership number and our club number printed on it must be sent to ;                                                                                                                                   Ms. Katherine Branch - N.C. USATF,   PO Box 576 , Garner, N.C. 27529          This only has to be done once for verification.





Click here to obtain your USATF North Carolina Individual Membership 

(Make sure you include our club # 13-684 on your application)

USATF Membership Card


Youth - $20.00/Adult - $30.00

Online individual membership application (receive your number immediately) 


       Printable individual membership application (PDF)

 Please mail your completed application and fee to:

USATF North Carolina
PO Box 576
Garner, NC 27529-0576












 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:                                                 Coach Carter 910-949-2537,             Coach Kelly 910 688-7333,  Coach McLaughlin 910-261-4493 ,                         Coach Kurt Smith 910-893-8684